Hello there.  I am sure you agree with me that the rapid growth in population requires a corresponding growth in agricultural production to meet its food and raw materials needs and I believe investments in agriculture and agribusiness is the way to go.

Done properly, agribusiness will help you make enough money to meet your personal and business needs. Yet what do we see? – Most farmers and others in the crops and livestock value chain are struggling to make ends meet. If you identify yourself with this, then this is a class for you.

My name is Kofi Debrah and I am a retired International agricultural development professional. I have done a lot of work in the sub-region building capacities of actors along the agricultural value chain and I can help you. Join me as I take you through agricultural production and agribusiness topics that will equip you with what you need to be a true agribusiness entrepreneur.

The course is structured in two modules, the Production Module consisting of production planning, knowing your farm and environment, knowing your farm inputs, and harvesting and post-harvest management. The Business Module consists of 4 topics, namely Business planning, financial management basics, marketing and basic record keeping.

This course is aimed at equipping prospective agribusiness entrepreneurs particularly the youth, and those already engaged in the agricultural value chain, with some basic tools in agricultural production to help you function as true agribusiness entrepreneurs

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