The 7 ‘innocent’ habits that keep you from success

Setting goals is awesome, and definitely a must do. But it’s easy to get distracted from the end goal when something bigger comes into the picture: habits.

Of course, there are endless positive habits that every entrepreneur should have. But what about the negatives? Logically, some habits are bad, like smoking or drinking excessively. But, for some entrepreneurs, the distinction between “good” and “bad” can be blurred and dependent on each situation.

These are seven habits that, although they seem innocent, can seriously affect your ability to reach your goals this year.

1. Check your email

Have you ever wondered how many times you check your email a day? More than one? So you probably do it too much. Email is often “it” that people do when they don’t want to do what they should be doing.

I know you think you need to check your email throughout the day, but your addiction will most likely divert your attention from what it really requires. So, with a greater good in mind, make an effort to reduce the number of times you check your inbox .

Set filters for your emails, unsubscribe from newsletters that you no longer read (I just unsubscribed from over a thousand newsletters using ) and get people used to the fact that you will only reply once a day.

2. Abusing social networks

Let’s be honest! We spend too much time on social media. Whether you check the timeline for too long or feel the need to update your status every 15 minutes, these habits can drastically reduce your productivity.

So do yourself a favor and limit the time you spend on your social media.

For me, Facebook is the quintessential time waster. This is why I installed the Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator which basically closes my laptop’s news feed. This simple action has saved me several hours per week.

3. Procrastinate

Yes, procrastinating is a habit. And it is that many times it is easier to say “tomorrow” than “right now”. However, the things we put off are usually the same things that most urgently need to be resolved.

So instead of getting into the habit of procrastinating on the most important things, make sure to create blocks of time to solve them on the same day.

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4. Multitasking

Yesterday I saw an ad for a vacancy posted by a CEO, and “being multitasking” was the main characteristic required. However, I think the CEO was unaware that he was actually looking for someone ineffective, as multitasking just doesn’t work.

Instead of doing the important things right, a multitasker manages to get a dozen things done very poorly. Sure, it feels good to cross off your to-do list, but the more tasks you add, the more quality will suffer.  

Unless it’s chewing gum while you walk, try to focus your attention on just one task at a time and get out of the habit of doing a thousand things at the same time.

5. Read irrelevant things

With an estimated 2 million blog posts per day, it’s no surprise that people get caught up in the habit of reading things that are completely irrelevant at the moment.

Today I started reading a post on how to become a real estate agent, and before I knew it, I was already reading about how to travel the world on less than a thousand dollars. It was certainly great content, albeit irrelevant to what I needed to know.

Instead of reading blog posts simply because they are interesting, read them because they are important to what you are trying to achieve . Don’t get caught up in an attractive title (“You’ll never believe the number 7!”); Instead, designate a time in your day to read.

Use the Pocket app to bookmark things you want to read later, and focus on getting your business moving.

6. Netflix and “screen time”

Oh-oh… you knew I’d bring it up. Along with other movie and video platforms, Netflix consumes much of our lives. Be careful: I’m not saying that television by itself is bad. It’s great for relaxing, but it can easily become a habit that puts your goals off indefinitely.

Set a weekly limit on how much time you will spend in front of the television and stick to it. Join with a friend to help you achieve your goal. Then use your extra time to work on your most important tasks.

7. Hoard tasks

If you depend on other people to help your business grow, chances are you’ve suffered from “micromanaging” – or the urge to control everything – more than once.

But here’s the truth: When you hire the right people and trust them, amazing things happen without you being directly involved in them.

It is true: they may not solve the tasks in the same way that you would, but it is likely that, in their own way, they will carry out the pending tasks. So stop wasting time wanting to control everything other people do. Instead, evaluate the results.
This will free up valuable hours of your time to spend on more strategic issues.

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“Those” habits

Our lives are made up almost entirely of habits that control what we do, when we do it, and how. These habits can be used to your advantage, or to deviate from your goals. It is up to you to decide which path you want to take.

Make it your mission for the week to kill some harmful habits and replace them with habits that help you achieve your bigger goals. So, see how your life is radically transformed!


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