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Have you ever walked away from a negotiation table feeling that you left value on the table?

Have you walked away from a conversation, say at the end of an employment interview and felt you could have negotiated for more?

Have you been in any situation, ether a social or even in your marriage and felt that the conversation could have gone better?

Well, if you found yourself in any of these situations, this is the course for you.

We will take you through the various ways in which you can negotiate to improve your outcome.

We will look at how you can optimize all the issues on the table to ensure that you walk away from the table maintaining your relationship with the people you are negotiating with and also improving the outcome for all of you.

My name is Sena Agbodjah-Adjepong, I teach at Ashesi University. I have done quite some work in the areas of conflict management and helped people through negotiation situations.

Walk with me and I’m sure you would appreciate it.



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