About Expertips

Expertips® Limited is a legally registered educational consulting and advisory company in Africa, with its registered headquarters in Ghana with the mission and vision of providing online, world-class practically oriented education that is tailor-made to enhance academic and professional capabilities inherent in everyone, everywhere.

Online group learning

Expertips provides a personalized learning and publishing dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own convenience, pace and in and out of the classroom. 

 e-Publishing: we are equipped with state-of-the-art digital publishing software that helps to convert your books (either in pdf or any Microsoft Office format) into the next generation level of e-Books known as interactive e-Books.  Interactive e-Books seek to engage the reader to take certain actions while reading the books for ease of reference and studies. 

Interactive e-Library…

With interactive eBooks right at your finger tips !

 e-Library: a world-class e-Library where books can be purchased in either soft copies or hard copies. Our platform is equipped with the appropriate security and encryption to present any infringement of authoring rights. In effect, these books, purchased, cannot be transferred or shared without appropriate permission.